25/65 sitsi party

NESU’s 65th birthday was celebrated with a grand sitsi party on 6.10.2012 in Helsinki, Finland. 297 NESU members attended this luxurious event at Telakka, where the night started with sparkling wine and mingling with old friends. The food and beverages weren’t comparable to a normal sitsi menu.

Since it was NESU-KY’s 25th birthday as well, they took the lead in organizing the event. One of the highlights of the evening was when the founding members of NESU-KY took the stage and told the story of how NESU-KY was founded. All the other performances were great as well and the whole evening was unforgettable.


Piano Wars kick started the after party with live music and got everyone excited. The after party kept on and the last guests left on the following evening.


We would like to thank Petri Vilpponen, the head organizer of the event. We would also like to thank everyone who participated in the organizing committee, the party and all the companies that were in making this great event happen.


The organizing committee


The trailer of 25/65 sitsi party