NESU-KY was found by Malla Linturi and Pekka Rantala in 1987. Since the 1980s NESU-KY has organized sitsi-parties and other events at KY-building in Helsinki, and nowadays activity has expanded also to Otaniemi in Espoo since Aalto University has moved there.

As the years have passed, NESU-KY ry has been growing and nowadays we have almost 600 members. We’ve been focusing on improving the organization and offering great events to both NESU members and KY members.






Annual Ball sitsi-party


NESU-KY organized the annual ball sitsi-party in honor of KY:s 107th annual celebration. It was all glitter and gold as the economics students from Aalto University raised their champagne glasses on March 2018. The delicious food was from a catering service and the drinks were tasty including different kind of wines and cream liqueur for example. The afterparty kicked off with a live jazzmusic.


It’s a tradition that NESU-KY organizes this kind of festive event every year.


© Rasmus Karppinen


30/70 sitsi-party


In October 2017, NESU-KY was proud to organize a spectacular sitsi-party that celebrated 30-year-old NESU-KY and 70-year-old NESU. The glamorous event was a success and the guests were from different cities and of every ages. All the NESU-members as well as NESU alumnis enjoyed the party, and it’s for sure that it was “the samling” that was in the air that night. The fancy 3-course-menu as well as the beverages and programs were served in Koskenranta, Viikki.


This has become a tradition as NESU-KY organizes these kind of celebrations every five years.

© Tuukka Matlar




Spring Conference 2018

It was March 2018 and a happy group of nesuits from Finland and Iceland were eager to start their Conference Week in Helsinki. The organizing team, students both from Aalto University and Hanken Svenska Handelhögsskolan, put together a fantastic week to remember. The theme for a conference was Design thinking in services, and it was seen both in the day program and the evening program. During the conference week the participants were able to get an overlook in what service design is and how the partner companies manage their service design. The high point of the week was the glamorous gala on Saturday.






25/65 sitsit-party


NESU’s 65th birthday was celebrated with a grand sitsi party on 6.10.2012 in Helsinki, Finland. 297 NESU members attended this luxurious event at Telakka, where the night started with sparkling wine and mingling with old friends. The food and beverages weren’t comparable to a normal sitsi menu.











































Since it was NESU-KY’s 25th birthday as well, they took the lead in organizing the event. One of the highlights of the evening was when the founding members of NESU-KY took the stage and told the story of how NESU-KY was founded. All the other performances were great as well and the whole evening was unforgettable.





Piano Wars kick started the after party with live music and got everyone excited. The after party kept on and the last guests left on the following evening.



The organizing committee and the head organizer Petri Vilpponen