NESU-Enklaavi (Lappeenranta)



NESU-Enklaavi is one of the eastern NESU-clubs in Finland that operates under LUT School of Business in Lappeenranta. Our NESU-division has been arranging sits and been part of other Enklaavi activity since 2009 and our neon yellow overalls have glown since then all around Finland — sometimes more, sometimes less. We are hoping to grow and to be seen more and more every year spreading our cheerful team spirit.

NESU-Enklaavi arranges at least 4 sits per year and has been planning for adding one more to the mix. This year NESU Autumn Conference 2017 will be held in Lappeenranta and in Tallinn. The NESU Conference is a week long event that offers great opportunities to not only meet new people, but also update your knowledge and learn more about current business related themes.

Contact information:



Kosti Hokkanen    

President                                             +358 40 835 0652

Marko Tikkanen
+358 40 754 9036

Rita Nakari
+358 50 518 8664

Hilla Puolakanaho
Sits Coordinator
+358 50 545 9479
Matti Harinen
+358 45 126 6735

Maria Mäkitie
+358 40 524 4362

Henri Luhtala
+358 40 569 5819