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So much more than just sitsparties

Is it really October already? The time really has flown here in Oulu and us at the NESU-Finanssi board have been super busy with organizing events and introducing our freshmen to everything NESU has to offer. This autumn we will have total of two NESU sitsparties, but that is not all – we have tried our best to show people that NESU is more than just these academic table feasts. (Even though that is what we do best, right?) Nowadays we have many other very interesting event concepts here in Oulu where our fellow students can get to know each other and have fun in a laid-back atmosphere.

Greetings from Oulu!

The beginning of the year 2017 has been very busy but the more rewarding for NESU-Finanssi. As the highlight of the Spring, in January we had the pleasure of hosting the NESU Dagen for the first time in six years. The night before we organized a “Royalty” sits party, where plenty of Dagen attendants were also present. At NESU Dagen the new NESU boards from all over Finland and Tallinn gathered in Oulu for this legendary weekend to network and familiarize themselves with their positions and duties in the board.

Sitsiparty by NESU-Boomi 5.2.2013

Our long trip from Oulu to Tampere started on Tuesday morning with four excited party animals packed in the car. Despite the turbulence and the rush, our car landed safely and on time to destination. There we met two travellers from our group, who were already in Tampere enjoying the pleasures of the city.

NESU-Finanssi '13

The new committee for NESU-Finanssi has been chosen.
Chairman: Anni Seiteri
Other members: Johannes Saarela, Mikko Salonurmi, Margareeta Oikari, Aino Meriläinen, Aleksi Poropudas, Jukka Ojala