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Introducing the board of NESU Finland '17-'18.

Noora Finne,

Country Representative / Chair of the Board

Hi NESUits!

I'm Noora from Tampere and I'm starting now my fourth year in NESU. NESU has given me much more than I could've ever imagined. I have got so many new friends and also so many new experiences through NESU.

I have the honour to be Finland's country representative and the chair of the board of NESU Finland this fall and next spring so if you have anything in mind feel free to ask! See you in the Autumn Conference and in the sitz parties!



Introducing NESU Finland '15-'16: Treasurer

Hello fellow nesuits!


My name is Matti Saariaho and I am the current treasurer of NESU-Finland. I'm studying accounting and finance in Vaasa University, where I started back in the autumn of 2013. NESU has been close to my heart since I began my studies, but I really picked up being a true nesuit about a year ago, and haven’t missed a beat since. In that period of time, the question of which have I accumulated more, credits in my studies or attendance in sitsparties, is up for debate. 


Introducing NESU Finland '15-'16: Communications Coordinator


Hi NESUits and people with NESU state of mind!



It’s my turn to tell something about myself and my responsibilities as a Communications Coordinator. My name is Jenni Siivonen and I’m currently on my second year of studies in Oulu Business School. Thus, my home organization is NESU-Finanssi. I have been an active member of NESU for almost two years now and next I will tell how I ended up in NESU.