Our year in NESU Finland

The summer has again passed in a blink of an eye and it feels crazy to think that Ruisrock is behind and we are slowly turning our eyes towards NESU summer cottage

and the election of the next board of NESU Finland. I still remember my last time at NESU summer cottage as yesterday, my palms were sweating both before the election of the new chairman and before the election of the rest of the board and I can assure you that it was not only because of the night before. After the election I felt so happy of having the honor of being elected to do what I loved with a team so dear to me.

Starting the year in NESU Finland was not an easy task, though. There were very few routines or guidelines of things that should be done and our finances were far from stable. The last board had done an amazing job with NESU Denmark and therefore we decided to concentrate more on Finland and on stabilizing our financial situation. At that time we did not realize that it would require a lot of hard work, coming up with new methods and overcoming some barriers. We knew what we wanted to do but how to get there was the main question. We did a questionnaire to our members, which showed that we had the right plans, a Case Competition or a mini seminar topped the questionnaires results by far and therefore we decided to take the risk. In the end of March we organized a Case Competition day in cooperation with NESU-SHS, PWC, OP, Suomen Ekonomit and Shaker. An event like that had been an idea amongst NESU people for years and we were proud that the idea finally saw day light and did it with enormous success!

Now we can happily say that planning of the next Case Competition is already on and it will be organized on October 14th in cooperation with NESU-Boomi! We are proud that this organization is able to renew itself and to think about future possibilities and therefore we have also started the discussion with NESU-KY according the possibilities to move the songbooks to NESU Finland. Even though we managed this year not only double or triple but multiply our funds by far, the songbooks would still be a huge investment for NESU Finland and require a lot of hard work. Whether to continue with the discussions will be a difficult decision between the next board of NESU Finland and NESU-KY. Although, we are very proud of the direction that our organization has taken and we hope that this in combination with the stronger cooperation and connection between cities (The amount of NPV-meetings has been doubled during this year), will continue even in the future and make our organization shine and reach its full potential.

As you, dear reader, might already have noticed, there is still a lot to do. NESU Finland has already taken a stronger foothold during the last year and we hope that it will keep shining in the future as we believe that with NESU spirit everything is possible and with that this organization can be made stronger and to last for generations to come.

So if you feel that you are interested to be the future of NESU and that you have a clear vision of the future of this organization and a desire to make it happen, you should apply to the NESU Finland board ’16-’17. I promise that it will include a lot of hard work but I can also assure you that it is worth every second of it. So please, do not hesitate to ask us about our positions on the board!

On the behalf of NESU Finland ’15-’16,


Jannica Lehtonen
Country representative & Chairman of the Board


PS. Remember that we still have a few support patches left ;)