Like a 21-year old virgin - touched for the very first time.

'Arrr me hearties!

Last Friday something magical happened: I lost my Turku-ginity, meaning I set foot in one of the last cities in Finland that I haven't been to. As a city, I really saw why it's so appealing during the summer. It kinda had a little Paris vibe to it, with the river flowing through the city, the sun shining in the bright sky. It was all trés romantiques, which was something you didn't see Friday night when we went to a bar on a boat, with people throwing up in the toilets, people crying, people looking for a fight... The trip was interesting to say the least, since during the Friday evening Turku showed us it's best side, but it's inhabitants didn't. 
Thank god this wouldn't be the case the next day, since NESU-TuKY organized every NESUits favorite event during the month of July: Ruis-sitz, combining a three day weekend festival and a sitz on Saturday morning! Not only that, but the sitz was outdoors and the ambience was really quite something. Due to the sitz starting at 10:30, most of the people arriving from the festival were late (some even came over an hour late) and were duly punished. Our hosts and toasts fed us well, and kept our mouths from drying up, although at one point I did have to drink my snaps from the table cloth since my glass had fallen. Our sitz compatriots entertained us with many different songs (for instance a whole one about throwing up).
All in all, the sitz was great and didn't feel long at all, although it took 4,5 hours. Those of us who hadn't gotten a festival pass hurried back to the boat we spent the previous evening since TuKY had reserved the whole upper deck for us. Some of us took the time to get influenced by the culture the city had to give us, and somewhat ironically that meant bumping into three skinheads that had a lot to say about everyone who wasn't white. This of course happened at 3 p.m. and the skins weren't even drunk. When the evening and our minds got dimmer, we ended up in places such as Monkey, Dynamo, a park bench etc. and lost a great deal of our compatriots during the evening. 
Many new friendships were forged, old aquaintances were reforged stronger than ever and Turku really did show it's best side during the weekend. I can't wait until Kesämöksä in August or NESU-TuKYs first sitz in September! Thank you Turku and thank you TuKY! Losing this virginity didn't feel that bad at all!
Peace out!

Kristian Vainio