Autumn greetings from Pori

Greetings from Pori!
The past autumn has been busy in Pori. We have had two sitsparties and traditional pre-Christmas sitsparty will be organized in the last week of November.
 Our first sitsparty of the semester was the practice sits and was organized in Cabaret. Even though the place was a little crowded, the sitsparty was successful and new students learned NESU-practises. Thank you to all participants!
In 4th October was our second sitsparty of the autumn. Tickets were sold out which is not so usual in Pori! Theme was “Make Love Not War”. This party was also success and there were also many nesuists especially from Tampere, Turku and Vaasa.
Next year the NESU activity in Pori will be developed significantly because of the new official NESU-board. By now we have had just one NESU-representative who have represented NESU-PorKy but in 2018 things will change. The size of the board has not yet been decided but the more detailed guidelines for the new NESU-board will be created in the near future. However, that is certain that NESU-chairman will remain in PorKy’s board.
NESU-PorKy would like to wish you all a good end of the year and welcome to our pre-Christmas sits!