NESU-Probba (Mikkeli)


NESU-PROBBA // Aalto University School of Business, Mikkeli campus


NESU-Probba is the NESU-organization of Aalto University School of Business, Mikkeli campus. The organization was founded in 2007 and at the time it was part of the student organization Probba. Since 2011 NESU-Probba has been an independent organization arranging annually six to ten academic dinner parties called “sits”. NESU-Probba also co-operates and arranges events together with the student organization Probba.



Instagram: @nesuprobba



Maija Saari         President +358504364676   Konsta Pajarinen           Vice President +358449964179   Janika Trebs                    Project Coordinator +358404114911  



Janika Tikkakoski Treasurer +358409610054

  Aino Ranta                   Corporate Relations +358503647062   Dora Lilja                       Event Coordinator +358409639531  


Erika Natunen Communications +358504390569   Daniel Collinson Toastmaster +358440535792