NESU-TuKY (Turku)


NESU-TuKY - Turku School of Economics


NESU-TuKY is a division of the Association of Economics Students in Turku (TuKY ry), which is an independent association dedicated to provide the best possible student life for the students of the Turku School of Economics.

NESU-TuKY has operated actively in NESU from its beginning and that is where our long traditions of sitsi parties derive. Already in 1963, NHS, later called NESU, organized “Nordic Week” in Turku. During the years NESU-TuKY has grown to became one of the biggest divisions of Turun KY. Annually, during Ruisrock we arrange Ruissitsit, the traditional PMPJ-sitsit at the end of each year and in addition the PATU-sitsit, which are arranged together with Turun Seudun Ekonomit ry (Association for the Economists in Turku Region). In addition to sitsi-parties we arrange excursions and the well-known NESU-cruise every spring.

Contact information:

Iines Pusa               
+358 509176529

Atte Mäkinen
Vice Chairman, Corporate Relations

Sofia Utriainen

Heidi Kaasalainen
Sits Coordinator

Saara Sahinoja
Sits Coordinator

Sandra Saranpää

Timi Lantela