Vappu Tour: Nesuits' Ultimate Road Trip


For a student, vappu is even bigger a deal than Christmas. For a Nesuit, it stretches to the next level from that. Many people start their vappu now, but NESU-vappu has been fully on for a week now. Our vappu started with the traditional Vappu Tour on April 22nd – 24th.

The three dayer took off with KY’s staggering sitsi party that filled Alakertsi with good mood, thirsty Nesuits and beautiful-voiced toastmasters. The crowd was even entertained by a live band from KY-Speksi, and the after party went on till the next morning.

AWAY: Learning the ABCs with NESU-Enklaavi

No clothes and freezing wind from Siberia? Why not? So we packed our bags, and ourselves, and started our journey to Lappeenranta. The sitsiparty was held in a basement of the student house. We arrived at the party venue slightly too early and got an invitation to visit Enklaavi’s guild room. Cheers for that!