AWAY: NESU-Waasa's Winter Olympics 18.1.


Club Fontana in Vaasa is full of people in strange outfits: tight skiing pants, short figure skating skirts and ice hockey equipment... What can possibly be happening? But when everybody starts making familiar rhythmic sounds and the toastmasters begin to sing Helan går, the answer is clear. It’s the 1940’s Winter Olympics in Germany –themed sits-party organized by NESU-Waasa!

HERE: Club Lagoon -pre-sits-party

When KUJ announced the date of its annual Club Lagoon-party, we couldn't resist the temptation to join in on the action and provide a pre-party sitsfest for those interested in exercising their vocal chords before migrating to Tivoli. It took six hours to transform KY's Basement into a tropical tiki bar, but it wasn't until our 170 guests had arrived that the temperature, too, began to resemble something closer to the equator.


I bet it wasn’t all fun to get back to school from the lovely Christmas holidays- all the lectures, projects, homeworks and other duties waiting to be done. But luckily there is NESU-TuKY to brighten the moods! The first sitsi party of the year in TuKY attracted a whole bunch of enthusiastic students to the “home of TuKY”, Parkki. This was also the first sitsi party arranged by the new NESU-TuKY ’13, so the excitement, and maybe a little bit of nervousness, could be felt in the air.

AWAY: NESU-Dagen, or There And Back Again


In the relatively warm Friday morning of January the 25th, an excited bunch of NESUits from the coastal city of Vaasa hopped into two rental cars and headed towards their destination: Joensuu. Why, you might ask, would 14 students travel across Finland to visit their friends at NESU-Optimi? NESU-Dagen, nuff said.