AWAY: Kick-off – searching horcruxes in Oulu

It was finally time to end the longest Christmas holiday I’ve ever had and start the ordinary schoolwork again. However, before that, it was time to kick off the 2013 sits season as NESU-Finanssi’s first sits party of the year took place in Oulu. Nine fresh NESU-KY’013 members, including the new board, took a train to Oulu and even though the first train broke down somewhere in Ostrobothnia, everyone was present in time.

This year could be the one. NESU-KY'013

We are more than happy to present our new board for 2013! The year 2013 will be challenging. Old traditions are worth upholding, but we have a goal to create something new and have a renewed approach.

This year we want to restore and enhance the way sitsparties are being held here in KY. This way, we can arrange better events for everyone. NESU-KY is more than grateful for the KY's support, and we are motivated to bring NESU-KY and the KY itself closer together, along with other NESU-cities.

The Autumn Conference


Now that the spring conference is coming, it's time to take a look back at the previous conference!
The NESU autumn conference 2012 took place in Oulu, Finland on 5th - 11th of November. It was the first time a NESU conference was held in Oulu, organized by NESU-Finanssi.  The theme of the week was “Responsible Management - The Way To Success”. The conference had participants from 3 countries (Finland, Iceland and Estonia) and altogether 8 different business schools.

The days consisted of interesting day program; lectures, caseworks and workshops around the theme. The evenings were again full of fun with more relaxed activities. Waking up early and fresh for day programs after a NESU-style party is always a challenge, but obviously everyone pulled it off splendidly!

The day program turned out especially interesting this time. For example, the case works were considered very intriguing and challenging. Even though there weren’t much time for case groups to finish their work, the groups showed their ability to go the extra mile by giving good presentations. Then again like Accenture representatives said - that’s how it is in the consulting world. You never have enough time to plan your every move.

The evening programs were of course full of NESU spirit, with old and new friends bonding while singing karaoke, sitsing and even playing laser tag. The epic evening activities culminated on Saturday’s Gala with good food, drinks and NESU traditions.

As a mini cherry on top of the conference, Viper, a Finnish NESU legend,  made a glorious comeback to the scene, this time as a lecturer!

We would like to thank the organizers for a great conference!

P.S. Go check out the web page for the next conference!