NESU now uses Google Apps!

NESU now uses Google Apps!

Google Apps helps NESU to improve communications and everyday activities.

The NESU calendars have been moved to the Google Apps. The old calendars won't be updated anymore. So if you have subscribed to the old calendars, please unsubsicribe and subscirbe to the new ones.

The new calenders can be found on this web page (e.g. .


NESU Finland board '12-'13 has been elected!

Country representative (chairperson):

Anna Saarinen (NESU-KY)

Board members:
Aimo Järvinen (NESU-KY)
Anna Alppinen
Helena Kauma (NESU-KY)
Emilia Eräste (NESU-KY)
Kari Leskinen (NESU-Waasa)
Kati Saarinen

More specific tasks will be assigned later in the first meeting of the new board.

NESU Finland board '11-'12  congratulates the new board!

New website now open!

New website now open! has been in the making since last autumn and has now been published. As the information content of the previous website was rather limited, the main idea behind the new website is to improve both NESU’s internal and external communication.

Most important features of

The most important features of the new are:

  • A calendar which includes all NESU events in the Nordic countries

Google calendar has been intergrated into Each NESU organization will mark their events in the calendar. This way there is always a place where all of the events can be found. Unconfirmed events are also marked but as private. Private events can only be seen by the boards / NESU representatives of the NESU organizations. This makes picking dates for events easier and helps avoiding overlapping events.

The integration of the calendar takes into account the different levels of the NESU organization. The individual page of each NESU organization contains a calendar showing only the organizations own events. On country level all of the events within the country are shown and in top level all of the NESU events around the Nordic countries are shown.

The calendar can easily be subscribed to another Google calendar, computer or phone. For further instructions on how to subscribe the calendar see the “Calender” page from the main menu.

The calendar will also hold the event locations. This is especially helpful for NESU people arriving from different cities. They can check the address on the go directly from their mobile phones and with a few clicks navigate to their destination.

  • Up-to-date contact information for each NESU organization.

Now, for the first time there is a place which holds the contact information for each NESU organization. On the new website each NESU organization has their own page containing the contact information. All of the NESU organizations are provided with their user account so they can keep the contact information up to date. Each organization also has a email (e.g.

  • History of NESU can be found from a single public web site. gathers the historical information of NESU. It for example holds the information on how NESU has evolved through time and list of former NESU Conferences.

  • One common channel of communication for all of the NESU organizations

Each organization (and the president of NESU) has their own page in the website. There are several page types for different kind of content. Organizations can for example keep blogs or upload their minutes to the website. When new content is added it can be specified where it is on the site (front page, country parent page, organization’s page).