Autumn hello

Hello from NESU-Optimi!
It has been a wonderful year. In the spring we had Optimi’s 15-year-birthday sitsi party with a Disney theme. Nesuits came from all over Finland, and there were many participants especially from Nesu-Probba and our beloved sibling subject association Preemio.

So much more than just sitsparties

Is it really October already? The time really has flown here in Oulu and us at the NESU-Finanssi board have been super busy with organizing events and introducing our freshmen to everything NESU has to offer. This autumn we will have total of two NESU sitsparties, but that is not all – we have tried our best to show people that NESU is more than just these academic table feasts. (Even though that is what we do best, right?) Nowadays we have many other very interesting event concepts here in Oulu where our fellow students can get to know each other and have fun in a laid-back atmosphere.

NESU Autumn Conference 2017: Behind the scenes

The autumn has been busy in Lappeenranta. A couple of weeks ago we had our jungle-themed freshmen sits party, and this week we made a new record when we managed to get 50 people from Enklaavi to the NESU-Probba’s Oktoberfest-sits. Yet our biggest event of this autumn is coming: the NESU Autumn Conference 2017. For the first time ever we’ll have the Conference even partly in Lappeenranta. Our organizing team has worked hard from January and now the work is starting to pay off when we see the event approaching. The organizing team has members from both NESU-Enklaavi and NESU Tallinn:


This far we’ve had an amazing NESU-autumn here in Tampere! The board of NESU-Boomi has been participating in many events during the “Smurffiviikot”, the first two weeks full of activities for freshmen at the University of Tampere. Sanna (communications coordinator), Annika (secretary and graphic designer) and Reija (alumni coordinator) were tutors and actively told the new students about NESU during the first weeks. Naturally, the new freshmen got to know the other members of the board while having fun in different kinds of activities.