Introducing NESU Finland '16-'17: Country Representative

Hi NESUits and other people with NESU State of Mind!

The year as a Country Representative and Chairman of NESU Finland is coming to the end in a couple of months. Therefore, we’re starting a blog series to introduce our board and telling you what we’ve done this year but first let’s have a little pop quiz for which you’ll find the answers in this blog post.

What do you think, which of the following are responsibilities of a Country Representative of NESU in Finland?


    a.   Coordinating the network of NESU Chairmen

Greetings from NESU-Preemio!

New year started with a bang! The team is filled with young and
responsible studs, who have made bosses life easy.
We have tried to be active in NESU community by visiting other
cities parties. Jarno and Teemu took part in wappurundi and
in their words, it was: “Immeisen parasta aekoo.”
We have already held all our sitsi-parties this year. Our Musisointi-sits
were a successful and fun event even though we had big troubles
activating our own members. We had a lot of NESU people from other

NESU-Probba: How about in Mikkeli?

The new NESU-Probba board has truly enjoyed the beginning half of 2017! This year we have an eight-member board that consists of Maija Saari (president), Konsta Pajarinen (vice president), Janika Tikkakoski (treasurer), Aino Ranta (corporate relations), Erika Natunen (communications), Dora Lilja (event coordinator), Janika Trebs (project coordinator) and Daniel Collinson (program coordinator).

NESU-TuKY: Meanwhile in Turku

What an amazing NESU-spring we have had ‒ all together eight events of our own, which included
traditional sitzparties and some new experiments, and many more in other NESU-cities around Finland and
in Tallinn. NESU-TuKY board of 2017 kicked off the new year with the Kidsparty sitzparty, which was a huge
success and the first time our board got to arrange an event all by ourselves. In February, we joined forces
with TSE graduates and Turun Seudun Ekonomit at the traditional Patu sitzparty and threw a sitzparty for