Welcome to the Union Meeting!

The Conference is getting closer and so does the Union meeting held on Friday the 13th of March at 16:00 in the TSE lecture room 16 (Rehtorinpellonkatu 3 20500 Turku, Finland). Here's the agenda for the meeting. Every NESU-member is welcome and encouraged to attend, even if not a part of the conference itself.

Introducing: International affairs coordinator

Hello Dear Nesuits,


My name is Kristiina Sorsa and I am in charge of international affairs. I started my studies in University of Vaasa in Autumn 2011. The first time I was at the sitsi party outside of Vaasa was in Wappu 2012, since then, little by little I’ve been active in NESU. This summer I decided to apply to the board of NESU Finland and so far it has been the best choice of my student life :).


Introducing: Vice Chairman of NESU Finland!

Greetings my friends old and new!
It has been a while since we last updated our blog, but now that we have a little bit more free time (as if!) it has come time for me to introduce myself and maybe shed some light on what’s been happening in NESU in the past month or so. So bear with me for a moment and read along!