Introducing NESU Finland '15-'16: Vice Chairman & Project Coordinator

My name is Ville Marchant and I’m currently the vice chairman of the board of NESU Finland. In addition to being the vice chairman, I’m also responsible for all projects our board encounters, but more on that later.


I’m now a second year student at Aalto University School of Business. I first heard about NESU during the first weeks of my studies and I was hooked immediately.

Introducing NESU Finland '15-'16: Country Representative

Dear NESUits,

My name is Jannica Lehtonen and I am the country representative and chairman of NESU Finland.  I wrote this blog post so you would get to know more about me, my position as a country rep and about NESU Finland as an organization. So lets’s get started!


HERE: Monte Carlo -sitsiparty

NESU-KY ’15 hosted their last sitsiparty on the 3rd of December. The theme for the party was Monte Carlo and it really could be seen in the costumes of the guests. Also the decorations created a luxurious feeling. Examples of the decorations were the slot machines and the sparkly golden wall. The dancefloor was decorated eventfully with Formula 1-themed walls.