New President of NESU. Who am I and what do I do?

Hello Dear nesuits


My name is Kristiina Sorsa and I was elected to be the new president of NESU. Since it is quite hard to meet you all in person. I will tell about the meaning of presidency and introduce myself this way.


I am 25-years-old 5th year student at the University of Vaasa. I became active nesuit on my second year of study. I was on the board of NESU Finland on 2014-2015 and my position was international affairs. During my NESU career I’ve been in four conferences, many sitsiparties around Finland and also promoted NESU in Sweden and Denmark. NESU has been like a family to me.





NESU and presidency


So, what does president do? “President is the head of the whole NESU organization”. President’s job is to create new contacts in new NESU countries, since the job is not easy I encourage every nesuit to promote NESU and spread the joy of being nesuit. Promoting can be done during exchange year or by existing contacts. Every nesuit has a potential to help spreading NESU.


What presidency is for me?


I think that the president should keep contact with existing NESU countries and encourage them to expand. I will work on helping expanding in Denmark, Estonia and Iceland. There has also been a talk about spreading NESU to Sweden and there is going to be a promoting trip to there next year. I will also encourage nesuits to apply for next president and I hope that we will have few more applicants for the next time :)


Goals for the Presidency term


My personal goals for this term is to get our current NESU countries settled and I hope that these countries will expand their NESU. New members are crucial to the countries and it is important to get new active members in all NESU countries.


I also wish that we would get someone in Sweden interested about NESU and I am thankful that I am already getting some help on that :) Last but not the least. I wish to make president more visible and I hope, that in the end of my year many people know what president does and hopefully by this we will have more applicants for the next president.




If you have any questions about NESU you can contact me on or just come to talk to me in sitsipartie, conferences and other NESU events (also non-NESU events :)). I am more than happy to answer all questions :)


Best Regards

Kristiina Sorsa

NESU President 2015-2016