NESU Finland Position of the Day: Country Representative

The country representative and chairman of the board is responsible for the whole operation of the organization. The chairman holds board meetings and country meetings in the NESU conferences as well as NESU Dagen and NESU summer cottage. As the chairman you need to be on top of all things going on and hold all […]

NESU Finland Position of the Day: Treasurer

My job as a treasurer consists of budgeting, facilitating the ongoing money traffic throughout the year and eventually financial reporting, as we are a registered association. The stuff one learns in this post is not rocket science, but very useful even after the year has ended. Apart from that, the treasurer can do pretty much […]

NESU Finland Position of the Day: Communications

My job included managing NESU Finland’s e-mail and posting on the Facebook page. I also had the honor to write the minutes in our own board meetings as well as the country meetings. My biggest projects during the year were 1) Wappu tour; managing the list of participants and 2) NESU goes Ruisrock; managing the ticket […]

NESU Finland Position of the Day: Projects

As the one responsible for Projects my job is to take care of the execution of various project tasks. I handled making orders and reservations, scheduling for events and supporting other board members with their duties. The main event for the year for me was organizing Wappurundi. Transportation dozens of people around Finland required a […]

NESU Finland Position of the Day: Vice Chairman

As a vice chairman I’ve helped the country representative and other board members in NESU Finland’s day to day operations when needed. I was the voice of (rest of the) Finland, since I was the only board member who ain’t studying in KY. I was responsible of creating NESU Finland’s posters, overall badges and other […]

NESU Finland Position of the Day: Intercity Relations

My job as an intercity relations responsible consisted of contacting different NESU organizations and keeping up with all the happenings around Finland. During the year the NESU web page played a large role as well as sharing information about it. Helping and supporting smaller and newer NESU-organizations was also one part of my responsibilities. NESU Finland […]

NESU Finland Position of the Day: Corporate Relations

My job included planning the corporate relations strategy in the fall and organising the Wappu Tour’s corporate necessities in the spring. I also took part in the meetings and helped everyone else with their tasks if I didn’t have a big project going on at the time. Being responsible for corporate relations has been a […]


  Summer, the time of the year when everyone has their own plans, and it’s hard to get a big group together. Or is it? The members of NESU-KY don’t forget each other even during the summer time, and that’s why we arranged the annual summer cottage trip during the second weekend of this month! […]

Apply for the next board of NESU Finland!

At the annual meeting of NESU Finland, held at the NESU summer cottage in Turku on August 10th, the next board of NESU Finland will be elected along with the new country representative. The new board’s term will last from the beginning of September 2013 until the end of August 2014. At the annual meeting […]

Like a 21-year old virgin – touched for the very first time.

‘Arrr me hearties! Last Friday something magical happened: I lost my Turku-ginity, meaning I set foot in one of the last cities in Finland that I haven’t been to. As a city, I really saw why it’s so appealing during the summer. It kinda had a little Paris vibe to it, with the river flowing […]