HERE: NESU-KY Actives’ Practice Sitsparty

  NESU-KY kicked off the 2014 sitsi-party season at the KY house in an intergalactic fashion on January 15th. The active year NESU-KY ‘14 threw an annual practice sitsi-party giving the old NESU members a chance to welcome and train the newbies into the sitsi-party culture. The night progressed smoothly following already familiar traditions, but […]

AWAY: NESU-KY goes Back2School @ Turku

The newly elected board of NESU-TuKy ’14 started their regime by arranging a sitsi-party before huge cross-disciplinary bar party Back2School. The whole event had a Tomorrowland-theme and it indeed attracted festival- and sitsi lovers all the way from Helsinki in large numbers. Once again the atmosphere was nothing short of awesome and everyone had a […]