HERE: KY’s anniversary -sitsiparty

NESU-KY celebrated KY’s 103rd birthday by throwing the annual ball sitsiparty. Straying from tradition, however, this year’s sitsiparty was held at the elegant G18 ballroom where the jubilant KY students honored the school’s turning of years, and began to awaken their party spirits for Saturday’s main event. The dress code followed along the fancy line […]

International NESU?

A big part of the general discussion in the past few years has focused on how NESU could regain our former position in the countries we used to be in. Unfortunately talking about being more international is the most we’ve done. There has been efforts in contacting student union representatives in Sweden, Denmark and Norway […]

HERE: Club Lagoon pre-sitsiparty

NESU-KY ’14 turned on the heat with a tropical summer theme at the active year’s second event of the year. Yes, we’re referring to the already-a-legend Club-Lagoon pre-sitsiparty. Since the occasion was interdisciplinary, the diverse guest pool varied from aspiring doctors all the way to future lawyers.    This time around the party itself was […]