Introducing NESU Finland ’17-’18: Treasurer

Hello my dear nesuits! My name is Aino-Elina Alaperä and I am the current treasurer of NESU Finland. I started my studies at the University of Tampere in 2016. I study insurance and risk management as my major, which is a little funny since I am maybe the most accident prone person alive. Despite breaking […]

Introducing NESU Finland ’17-’18: Corporate Relations

Hello everyone! My name is Oskari Lohivesi and I am in charge of the Corporate Relations in Nesu-Finland. I study International Business in the sunniest city of Finland: Vaasa. NESU I was for the first years of my studies active in Nesu-Waasa on the local level, traveling around the country in NESU- sitsparties, occasionally going […]

Introducing NESU Finland ’17-’18: Project Coordinator and Vice-Chairman

Hello to all my dear nesuists! It is time to introduce a third of our board’s member. My name is Olga Saray and I am Project Coordinator and Vice-Chairman of board 17′-18′ of NESU Finland. My NESU experience started on my very first day as a business student in Joensuu. My interest was inspired by […]

Introducing NESU Finland ’17-’18: Communications Coordinator

Hello all! It is time to introduce another member of the board! My name is Elina, I’ve been the Communications Coordinator of NESU Finland for the past year and in this blog post I am going to tell you a little bit about my background and my year as a board member. I started my […]

Introducing NESU Finland ’17-’18: Country Representative

Summer is here and it also means that soon it is time to choose new board for NESU Finland! Since last September I have been the country representative of Finland and also the chair of NESU Finland’s board. With this text I start a set of blog posts about our NESU Finland board. My main […]

New published!

Hello all Nesuits! The renovation of the has been long overdue and now when the summer is halfway through and the new NESU season is upon us the new has finally been published! Nesu Finland has been working with Uppie digital on the new site since February and the site is now finished! Reason […]