What has NESU-Probba been up to?

NESU-Probba ’19 has been enjoying the year so far! The summer and autumn have been hectic, but amazing as ever! As some of you probably know, in Mikkeli we study during the summer as well, which is why we had the possibility of hosting a few events during the hot summer days. In addition to […]

Greetings from Pori!

Greetings from NESU-PorKy! This autumn has started well for us. NESU board has been participating actively in all events held in Pori and we´ve been spreading the NESU spirit more and more making NESU and its purpose more visible for our members. Yet our main focus this fall has been in the two sitz parties […]

Greetings from NESU-SSHV!

Greetings from Vaasa! This autumn has started off well for us. We’ve been able to attend NESU-Waasas rehearsal-sitzparty with a crew of 7 people, the NESU-Copenhagen excursion and organized an info-evening for our freshmen. Even though we’ve been trying to stay active and gain visibility within our own school our main focus has been our […]

Greetings from NESU-KY

Hello Nesuits and greetings from Aalto! Our autumn has begun extremely well, however, it has also been extremely busy! That only means that we have been super active during the first month of autumn semester. We started our autumn by participating in various checkpoints, organized during the Orientation Week of Aalto! The freshmen and new […]