Stories about NESU: Emmi Vilkanen

I first heard about NESU in fall 2012, when I had just started my studies at Turku School of Economics. It was the orientation week, and my tutor told his two friends were in Oulu because they were participating in this thing called “sitz party”. The two had first booked their transportation for the wrong […]

Greetings from Helsinki!

The past summer and fall were quite interesting for NESU-SHS, since this year we had the pleasure of doing a lot of collaboration with other Nesuits from Finland and Estonia and organize two special events: In July we had the honour of organizing NESU Finland’s annual Kesämöksä event. Nesuits from all over Finland and Estonia […]

Guide: Your first “ulkkarisitz”

Ulkkarisitsit, ulkkarisitz (n) A serie of acts performed in order to go for an adventure to another NESU-city and make incredible memories with awesome people  “Ulkkarisitsit” is a common term used in NESU, and you’ve probably heard it atleast a few times. Basically it means that you pack your bag and go for an adventure […]

Greetings from NESU-Jyväskylä!

An incredible year is coming to a close. We have done a lot with the NESU-Jyväskylä board. In the spring, in addition to one of the sits, we organized the first cruise in our history. The event was very successful and we got a lot of participants. The spring Sits also received a lot of […]

Hello from NESU-Preemio!

Greetings from Kuopio! Feels like the whole fall (and the whole year) has lasted only a second. The most memorable moment of the year has definitely been NESU-Dagen, which really kickstarted our year. It took a lot of effort from everyone, but it wa a success and after that organizing sitzparties have felt like a […]