Welcome to NESU: NESU-Enklaavi

Welcome to NESU: NESU-Enklaavi Hello, sunshine! We are already well into 2020 and a lot has happened. For us, the most significant event of the autumn has been our Freshmen sitz party, which crowned the entire Freshmen weeks! At first, we had a dream of Freshmen sitz under tents. Even though the weather was poor, […]

Welcome to NESU: NESU-Boomi!

Greetings from NESU-Boomi! The year has gone past very quickly for us. We have only held two sitz-parties this year, because of the pandemic. However, we were able to organize NESU summer cabin in the beginning of august, which was a success. The weather was great, and everything went as planned. Now that the fall […]

All Aboard: Board of 2020-2021 (Part 3/3)

Mikko Salusjärvi, Treasurer Hi there! My name is Mikko Salusjärvi, also known as Salusmikko. To some of you, I might be familiar as a part of NESU Estonia, but nowadays I am representing the beautiful pearl of West Coast baby! I am a first-year master’s student in Vaasa, but still, you can probably end up […]

All Aboard: Board of 2020-2021 (Part 2/3)

Seela Suhonen, Vice-Chairman and Webmaster Hello hello, it’s your Vice-Chair(wo)man and Webmaster (a.k.a. the boss of this page, the official secretary, and Julius’ official emergency support) Seela talking! As a freshman, straight out of high school at the first Sitz organized by NESU-Probba, I had no clue what did the much spoken NESU even mean. […]

All Aboard: Board of 2020-2021 (Part 1/3)

Silja Rouru, Project Manager Heya! It is your Project Manager speaking.  My name is Silja Rouru and I am super excited to be a part of this year’s NESU-Finland board! I’ve studied in Tallinn before, but nowadays you can find me in Lappeenranta. This is my fourth year studying and I have been participating in […]