Hooray for a better day: NESU-Finanssi

This Spring has started off with quite a whirl! We’ve been able to gather together a few times, including the time we organized our first ever remote sits party (yay!). During these few months we’ve managed to discovered our mutual love for different games, generally board and card games, so we decided that now when […]

Hooray for a better day: NESU Estonia

The global pandemic situation has got really unfortunate in Estonia and especially in Tallinn. At the moment, almost every place here have to keep their doors shut and everyone must stay at home. We have been studying on distance since last spring, so from our point of view, this makes not that big of a […]

Hooray for a better day: NESU-Enklaavi iz here

This time our day is actually a whole weekend since we get along so well and would like to spend all our time together. We are happy to introduce you to one of our great traditions, Vallanvaihtoristeily. This year our cruise comes with a few changes due to the current situation. The change of power […]

Hooray for a better day: NESU-Boomi

2021 sure is off to a rocky start; still, we at NESU-Boomi are optimistic about the future. This Spring is most likely more or less the same as last year with all the restrictions getting more strict overall. We have faith that Summer and Fall will bring more positive new winds for us and the […]