Hooray for a better day: NESU-Preemio

Thanks to the relatively loose Covid restrictions here in Kuopio, our board was able to get together and participate in our first non-remote event of the year, the Preemio barbeque evening. After a long year of studying, we were very excited to spend a nice evening with our fellow students. Our board had a really […]

Hooray for a better day: NESU-PorKy

Greetings from NESU-PorKy! This year has not been easy for anyone. To get a little variation to our current day rhythm our board decided to spend a day together. Due to the current covid situation we decided to spend the day remotely via Zoom. We started the day, of course, with a breakfast. We talked […]

Hooray for a better day: NESU-Optimi

This early year has been far from how it would normally look for us here in Joensuu. Luckily we still have looser restrictions for gatherings than most of Finland, so we have been able to gather together with the board a few times to get to know each other better and have some fun. We […]

Hooray for a better day: NESU-KY

These past few months have been quite challenging for us at NESU-KY, as they surely have been for you as well. Even though the pandemic has forced us to cancel or postpone numerous events, we’ve been super busy with other stuff; trying to come up with new concepts for remote events, planning and preparing for […]