Hooray for a better day: NESU-TuKY

As everyone knows the past year has been quite different from normal and like everyone else NESU-TuKY hasn’t been able to organize our traditional sitzparties. Since March we have also had to organize our weekly meetings remotely due to the restrictions. Luckily we have still been able to spend time together with the board and organize […]

Hooray for a better day: NESU-SSHV

Greetings from sunny Vaasa! Our board decided to try out some bowling for our special day together. We first intended to mini golf, but as the weather was surprisingly rainy in (usually) sunny Vaasa, we picked an indoor activity instead. The winner was Wilma (2nd from the right). The bowling competition got so intense that […]

Hooray for a better day: NESU-SHS

Greetings from NESU-SHS! This year has been silent at the NESU-front for us, but luckily, we had a chance to meet each other for one afternoon. We decided to meet remotely, since one of us is currently spending her time abroad for an exchange period. And of course, it was better to not to meet […]

Hooray for a better day: NESU-JKL

Greetings from Jyväskylä! For this My Day activity NESU-Jyväskylä decided to spend a relaxing day at the spa of Scandic Laajavuori. As none of us had ever visited the place, this was the perfect pastime for us. The spa ticket was luckily very student budget friendly, so we could invest the money saved for the […]

Hooray for a better day: NESU-Probba

Thanks to relatively chill restrictions here in Mikkeli, our Board has had many opportunities to spend time together and get to know each other better. Although we already have a good spirit among students in Mikkeli, our Board has got so close that one could refer it to a family.  We decided to spend some […]