Hooray for a better tomorrow: NESU-Waasa

December 20, 2021By NESU-WaasaBlog

Hello from Waasa! What an amazing autumn it has been! We have had lots of things to do and it has been a great time. Luckily, we have had the chance to organize many sitzparties and meet new nesuits. New memories have been made and now we have lots of amazing experiences. We have had … Read More

Hooray for a better tomorrow: NESU-TuKY

December 12, 2021By NESU-TuKYBlog

Greetings from Turku! This fall has been quite eventful for us. Well actually, even our summer was filled with activities. During summer we finished renewing our own songbook called “Monttu Auki” and wrote our part for the NESU historiography. We also had our own summer cottage together which was one of the highlights of our … Read More

Hooray for a better tomorrow: NESU-SSHV

December 5, 2021By NESU-Hanken i VasaBlog

Hi! This time it’s our turn at Nesu-SSHV to entertain you with a blogpost! The autumn has been eventful for us, as we’re one of the smaller Nesu-organizations and usually only hold one event per autumn. This year we’ve organised a beerpong tournament as well as a sitzparty in late November. The beerpong tournament was … Read More

Hooray for a better tommorrow: NESU-SHS

December 2, 2021By NESU-SHSBlog

Hejsan from Helsinki! YAY, it’s December already, which means that Christmas is just behind the corner! We bet you all can agree on that how fast the fall has gone by! The past year has been pretty silent for NESU-SHS. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to organize our own sitz this fall. Luckily though, we … Read More