Greetings from NESU-SSHV!

May 8, 2022By NESU-Hanken i VasaBlog

The year of 2022 has begun very well for NESU-SSHV. We started the year with a new board and ever since then the new board has been busy joining sits parties in other cities, planning our own fun event, as well as our checkpoint for the obstacle course of the Wykypäivät-event, where many Nesuits were … Read More

Hooray for a better tomorrow: NESU-SSHV

December 5, 2021By NESU-Hanken i VasaBlog

Hi! This time it’s our turn at Nesu-SSHV to entertain you with a blogpost! The autumn has been eventful for us, as we’re one of the smaller Nesu-organizations and usually only hold one event per autumn. This year we’ve organised a beerpong tournament as well as a sitzparty in late November. The beerpong tournament was … Read More

Welcome to NESU: NESU-SSHV

December 8, 2020By NESU-Hanken i VasaBlog

As earlier mentioned by the other NESU cities, this year has been experienced as very odd in comparison to what we are normally used to. There have been very few NESU events overall in Finland and it is sad that we had also to cancel our event this fall. That means that our freshmen this … Read More

Greetings from NESU-SSHV!

October 6, 2019By NESU-Hanken i VasaGreetings from NESU-organizations

Greetings from Vaasa! This autumn has started off well for us. We’ve been able to attend NESU-Waasas rehearsal-sitzparty with a crew of 7 people, the NESU-Copenhagen excursion and organized an info-evening for our freshmen. Even though we’ve been trying to stay active and gain visibility within our own school our main focus has been our … Read More

Greetings from NESU-SSHV

February 17, 2019By NESU-Hanken i VasaBlog

No, you are not mistaken: we finally get to call ourselves NESU-SSHV! To give you an idea of the significance this change means for us, we will provide you with a brief of history of the last few years as well as a peek behind the curtains on what’s been going on for the past … Read More

Greeteings from NESU-Hanken i Vasa!

October 7, 2018By NESU-Hanken i VasaBlog

The Freshmen have started to settle in to their new lives as students and have actively been taking part in all kinds of exciting events arranged mainly by our school’s student board. At the same time we in the board of NESU-Hanken i Vasa have not been standing idly by, just a few weeks ago … Read More

When life gives you lemons, make a tequila!

August 16, 2013By NESU-Hanken i VasaBlog

Hey ho’, let’s go! In case you don’t have a nine-to-five job five days a week, summer holidays can be called pure awesomeness. However, there is one major dilemma during this festive time of year: there aren’t as many awesome student parties during the summer season. Hence, NESU Kesämöksä to the rescue! Is there better … Read More

AWAY: Searching for friendship in Oulu

March 2, 2013By NESU-Hanken i VasaBlog

I’m sitting in a train, on my way home from Oulu (of all places…) and ponder why I’m humming “Aqua Vera” whilst watching the first season of How I Met Your Mother. That’s when it hits me: I’ve just witnessed my first NESU-Finanssi sitsiparty. Less than 24 hours ago, I arrived to this northern coastal … Read More

AWAY: NESU-Dagen, or There And Back Again

January 27, 2013By NESU-Hanken i VasaBlog

In the relatively warm Friday morning of January the 25th, an excited bunch of NESUits from the coastal city of Vaasa hopped into two rental cars and headed towards their destination: Joensuu. Why, you might ask, would 14 students travel across Finland to visit their friends at NESU-Optimi? NESU-Dagen, nuff said. The trip went smoothly … Read More