Greetings from NESU-KY!

March 20, 2022By Nesu-KYBlog

Like other NESU-organizations, we were not able to have any public sitsparties in the beginning of the year. However, we did fortunately have the possibility to organize a few smaller events just among NESU-KY members. We’ve had some small sitsparties, as well as a cruise, a cottage trip and just hanging out together. This year … Read More

Hooray for a better tomorrow: NESU-KY

October 13, 2021By Nesu-KYBlog

Well, it’s safe to say that none of us at NESU-KY have ever had an autumn like this before. With planning our own events, recruiting new Nesuits from the mursus (freshmen), and attending all the other weekly events at KY, we’ve been busier than ever, in the best way possible. Our preparations for orientation week … Read More

Welcome to NESU: NESU-KY

October 14, 2020By Nesu-KYBlog, Greetings from NESU-organizations

Due to the ongoing situation, this fall has been very different to previous ones. Nevertheless, we’ve managed to make the most out of it, and have an amazing time. We started the fall in August with an exclusive event for our members called Skiftari simulaatio, which included wakeboarding and a cruise-themed sitzparty later in the … Read More

The start of NESU-KY 2020

March 15, 2020By Nesu-KYBlog, Greetings from NESU-organizations

Our year started in November 2019 when 71 mursus were chosen to be the active members of NESU-KY 2020. Then, after some tough grilling and intense voting a group of 9 were chosen to be the board of NESU-KY ’20. A couple of weeks after that we organized the Era of Ancient Egypt -sitzparty with … Read More

Greetings from NESU-KY

October 6, 2019By Nesu-KYGreetings from NESU-organizations

Hello Nesuits and greetings from Aalto! Our autumn has begun extremely well, however, it has also been extremely busy! That only means that we have been super active during the first month of autumn semester. We started our autumn by participating in various checkpoints, organized during the Orientation Week of Aalto! The freshmen and new … Read More

Greetings from NESU-KY!

February 24, 2019By Nesu-KYBlog

Hello dear fellow NESU-Organizations! 2018 is truly far behind and 2019 is here! A new year also means that we have a new board and new members. This year we are bigger than ever: there are 102 of us in NESU-KY ’19. We really look forward to getting to implement the potential of this amazing group of … Read More

Hello from NESU-KY

April 2, 2017By Nesu-KYBlog

NESU-KY ‘17 has 9 members of the board and 54 active members. Together we form a tight and amazing group. With this group, we organize all the traditional and some new events in 2017. Our year began in January with our first event, Aktiivien harkkasitsit or Rehersal Sitzparty for Active Year. The sitzparty is a … Read More

AWAY: NESU-KY goes NESU Dagen @ Lappeenranta

March 7, 2016By Nesu-KYBlog

NESU Dagen is an annual event where the new NESU Finland members get the possibility to meet each other and workshop a little bit about future guidelines. This year NESU Dagen took place in January in Lappeenranta and was hosted by NESU-Enklaavi. NESU Dagen of 2016 started with the meeting of the NESU Chairmen while … Read More