Greetings From NESU-Optimi

March 27, 2022By NESU-OptimiBlog

Greetings from Riversmouth!   As with other NESU-cities, COVID also affected our events of the early year. NESU-Optimi’s 10th anniversary sits party had to be rescheduled, but fortunately some of the restrictions were lifted around mid-February. We were then able to organize said sits party in late February. The birthday celebration was held in two … Read More

Hooray for a better tomorrow: NESU-Optimi

October 25, 2021By NESU-OptimiBlog

Hello dear nesuits! In Joensuu we are thrilled to see things shifting back to normal. This fall has had us all very busy with organizing our freshmen sitsparty as well as other events during the freshmen weeks. In addition to organizing events the NESU-Optimi board and also other active nesuits from Joensuu have made sure … Read More

Welcome to NESU: NESU-Optimi

October 25, 2020By NESU-OptimiBlog

At the beginning of the year our NESU-Team (above) had a clear goal: to make NESU-Optimi better and more active than ever. But, as we all know by now, sometimes (especially in year 2020) everything doesn’t always go as planned. In reality, we have so far organized only one sitsparty compared to last year’s eight, … Read More

Greetings from NESU-Optimi!

March 7, 2019By NESU-OptimiBlog

Hello fellow NESU people! Once again it is time for a new post in here. Now you get to hear how this new year has started in the so called “Wolf Border” in Joensuu. As soon as we elected our new board, we needed to rush with our first sits, Pre-Dagen “Funny Hats” -sits. It … Read More

Greetings from NESU-Optimi!

October 22, 2018By NESU-OptimiBlog

Greetings from Joensuu! NESU-Optimi didn’t even rest in the summer. We participated in the summer cottage, which was hosted by NESU-Waasa. Thank you for a successful and well-organized weekend! Even though we did not rest in summer, we have been thrilled to have our new students here in Eastern Finland. Since our semester started in … Read More

Autumn hello

October 23, 2017By NESU-OptimiBlog

Hello from NESU-Optimi! It has been a wonderful year. In the spring we had Optimi’s 15-year-birthday sitsi party with a Disney theme. Nesuits came from all over Finland, and there were many participants especially from Nesu-Probba and our beloved sibling subject association Preemio. In October a few Opitmi-Nesuits travelled to Mikkeli to visit Nesu-Probba’s Oktoberfest-sits. … Read More

NESU-Optimi says hello!

April 9, 2017By NESU-OptimiBlog

Hello from Joensuu! The year 2017 has been wonderful so far; busy but rewarding. This year has begun well with the new board of NESU-Optimi. Our new board consists of following members: new President is Eevi Kilpeläinen and Karita Hassinen works as a Communicator. Teemu Rekola takes care of marketing (including our Instagram account,  remember … Read More