Welcome to NESU: NESU-Finanssi

October 11, 2020By Seela SuhonenBlog, Greetings from NESU-organizations

Greetings from NESU-Finanssi! Like for everyone else, this year has been very different for NESU-Finanssi. Despite all the difficulties it has been an extremely fun year for us. At the start of September, we held our traditional freshmen Sitz. These freshmen Sitz were very special because they were the first outdoor ones for us. They … Read More

All Aboard: Board of 2020-2021 (Part 3/3)

September 18, 2020By Seela SuhonenBlog

Mikko Salusjärvi, Treasurer Hi there! My name is Mikko Salusjärvi, also known as Salusmikko. To some of you, I might be familiar as a part of NESU Estonia, but nowadays I am representing the beautiful pearl of West Coast baby! I am a first-year master’s student in Vaasa, but still, you can probably end up … Read More

All Aboard: Board of 2020-2021 (Part 2/3)

September 16, 2020By Seela SuhonenBlog

Seela Suhonen, Vice-Chairman and Webmaster Hello hello, it’s your Vice-Chair(wo)man and Webmaster (a.k.a. the boss of this page, the official secretary, and Julius’ official emergency support) Seela talking! As a freshman, straight out of high school at the first Sitz organized by NESU-Probba, I had no clue what did the much spoken NESU even mean. … Read More

All Aboard: Board of 2020-2021 (Part 1/3)

September 14, 2020By Seela SuhonenBlog

Silja Rouru, Project Manager Heya! It is your Project Manager speaking.  My name is Silja Rouru and I am super excited to be a part of this year’s NESU-Finland board! I’ve studied in Tallinn before, but nowadays you can find me in Lappeenranta. This is my fourth year studying and I have been participating in … Read More