Hello from NESU-Optimi!

It has been a wonderful year. In the spring we had Optimi’s 15-year-birthday sitsi party with a Disney theme. Nesuits came from all over Finland, and there were many participants especially from Nesu-Probba and our beloved sibling subject association Preemio.

In October a few Opitmi-Nesuits travelled to Mikkeli to visit Nesu-Probba’s Oktoberfest-sits. The party was fun even though one of us got a pie on her face – you should have seen the other guy’s face after… The Oktoberfest included tasty beer that had been brewed in Mikkeli, lots of singing and stories about Mr. Muscle and magicians. Optimi’s show was full of buckets, beer, liquor, tabasco, cinnamon and whipped cream. Who wouldn’t love beer, liquor and tabasco mixed in together? The evening continued to a local bar in the heart of Mikkeli. We sang Leevi and the Leavings’ Pohjois-Karjala and enjoyed a few drinks, but then it was time to head to our accommodation, which was the best (when we arrived to Mikkeli in the afternoon, one of our hosts went to get us some food from Burger King)! There will definitely be a part two of sitsing in Mikkeli. OI MIKKELI!

In the end of October couple of Optimi-Nesuits will participate NESU-KY’s Halloween sitsi party. They are eagerly waiting, what kind of bugaboos and monsters will be found in the Kylteritalo…

In November Optimi goes to sits to Kuopio with a full bus of Nesuits. We will hop on to the bus in the afternoon and drive to Kuopio while already sitsing a little, warming up for Preemio’s party. There is also a bus ride back to Joensuu, even though some of the Nesuits will probably stay in Kuopio. We hope that by going to other town’s sitsi party together with a bigger group, it will make it easier for the people of Optimi (especially the freshmen) to attend parties in other cities in the future.

Brace yourselves: NESU-Dagen is coming! Here at the wolf border first frosty mornings have arrived. January and the NESU-Dagen are on their way. NESU-Optimi has started to prepare for this harsh midwinter happening by restoring ranger food and vodka to the shadows of North-Karelia, for no one but the true Nesuits to be found. The weekend is going to be epic so we strongly recommend you to attend!

Still a few sits to be hosted. As the year changes it will also set in motion the hunt for a new NESU-crew in Optimi. The past year has been great and the next year will bring much greater tasks as the new year will kick off with NESU-Dagen over here at Joensuu. We want to courage everyone to get involved in NESU, if there is even a slightest thought of it! We cannot highlight enough what an adventure NESU has been. For anyone who is reading this: be inspired and give NESU everything you got. It will deliver!