Chronicles of meeting new NESUits: NESU-Boomi

Greetings from Tampere!

NESU brings business students from all around the Nordics together, so it’s no wonder that you might meet new amazing people or have heartfelt moments of reunion. Today we are hearing from two NESU-Boomi nesuits, Vili and Kia, about their happy and memorable encounters in NESU events. One tells you about finding new friends and one about meeting an old friend from teenage years. Hope you enjoy!


During my studies, NESU Excursion happened for the first time, and I really wanted to be part of it because there was no certainty about it happening again.

Initially, I couldn’t get in as it was fully booked, but luck was on my side when someone canceled, and I got a spot. Surprisingly, about two-thirds of the participants were new to me, including students from other Nordic countries.

One night at a casual night event in a billiard bar, I chatted with Nadia, a Swedish business student. We talked about NESU, sitz parties, and an upcoming conference in Tampere. She was interested in attending, and we discussed more about Swedish and Finnish student cultures. She was even surprised to learn that NESU was once active in Sweden too.

After the trip, Nadia and I stayed in touch. I was asked by our current President to create a new page for NESU Sweden, and when I asked Nadia about it, she confirmed she was behind the initiative. It made me really happy to see her wanting to bring back NESU Sweden and be a part of it. She also attended the NESU Autumn Conference held in Tampere and it was nice to see her again!

I’m also excited to see what she and NESU Sweden have planned for us in the (near)future.

Samling, Skit & Skål!
Vili Mustonen
Fifth-year student from NESU-Boomi.


Kia has been an active nesuit since her freshman year in 2021, so meeting wonderful new people in NESU events has become a common occurrence. She could probably tell us all about the incredible people she has had the possibility of getting to know and become friends with. But the story of today is about finding someone from the past.

Kia had a friend in upper secondary school who she was very close to. After graduating and everyone finding new life in universities or working, she lost touch with many people, including this friend. She had no idea where life had taken this friend and how she was doing nowadays. But with destiny and NESU by her side, she was reunited with this long-lost friend, Laura, from Optimi, Joensuu.

After finding each other again with a shared interest in NESU, they have been keeping much more contact and hanging out. NESU and their events have brought an old friendship back together like it was never even lost.

Story from Kia Raitanen
Third year student from NESU-Boomi


Thanks for another wonderful year of NESU shenanigans!
NESU-Boomi board of 2023 over and out!

With love,
Roope Hyvönen
Communications / NESU-Boomi ´23