Chronicles of meeting new NESUits: NESU-Finanssi

Greetings from Oulu!

The year is nearing its end, and we remember the year with pride and love. It was quite busy as we organized a total of 18 events, but with a great team, we thoroughly enjoyed each one. We organized many sitzparties and other traditional events, like BarBusExcurcion, Wine tasting and Laser Tag, and best of all, we had the chance to present our activities to the new freshmen. NESU-events have been very popular among new students in Oulu and NESU-Finanssi is going strong! 

Throughout the year, our events have seen a lot of new faces, and we are particularly grateful to the all who joined our events, as well as our own members who represented NESU-Finanssi all around Finland, even in Iceland. We encourage people to participating in an event in another city because, you will meet new people, and you never know where you might find a new friend. Here is a fantastic example from the past year:

“I have traveled through almost 50 NESU sitzparties, couple of Wappurundis and 3 NESU-möksäs during my student time and needless to say I have met dozens of great people and that has of course been one of the main reasons that still keeps me going back to these parties and traveling across Finland when I should be studying.

As I said I have met a lot of people, and it is very difficult to just pick one story. One quite funny one from this year was actually not even in an actual NESU event. In the beginning of this autumn, I was invited to be a toastmaster in NESU-Boomis My Little Wildwest sitzparty. It was a wonderful experience, and I had an amazing time with my toastbuddies Tuukka and Jaakko. In fact, me and Tuukka were heading to another sitzparty next day in Oulu (where I was a toastmaster again). We went to the morning train quite tired and to be honest a little bit hungover, so we didn’t really look forward to traveling several hours.

The new meetup actually came on the train to Oulu when a young NESUit from NESU-Boomi called Kalle recognized us from the previous night. It turned out that he was also heading the same way. It was his first ulkkari experience and he was the only member from NESU-Boomi that was going to Oulu that day. He also had a lot more energy than us, so he convinced us to get up and head to the restaurant cart. There we drank a couple of beers, got to know each other, shared funny stories and we even ended up having some mutual acquaintances.

Before I even noticed the long train trip was over and it didn’t even feel long and exhausting as I expected. After that we went to grab some more beers and hamburgers from Kauppuri 5 (remember this if you visit Oulu) and had a great sitzparty later that evening. This was a memorable meeting because it was very surprising and saved our boring train journey.”

– Juho Väärä, 5th year student from NESU-Finanssi.

“There is a picture where he gave me a wonderful toastgift”

What next?

Soon, we will have a new board and we are organizing our last sitzparty of the year in early December, but it is not going to be our current board’s last event, because in January 2024 we will organize the annual NESU-Dagen in Oulu. We have been preparing for the event for a while now and we hope to see many of you there!

With love,

NESU-Finanssi  ‘23