Chronicles of meeting new NESUits: NESU-KY

Greetings from Espoo!

The year has gone by so fast and now it’s time to say goodbye to the board ‘23 and move on to other things. This year’s last sitsparty has already been organized, so this blog will be the last thing I’ll do when it comes to NESU-KY this year. Thus, this is the perfect timing to reflect on the past year, and to reminisce who I’ve encountered and gotten to know during our events.

Unfortunately, I had no chance to visit other cities’ sitsparties this year, but I’m looking forward to do that after my board duties here are over. However, I’ve had the chance to make dozens of new connections here at Espoo, which I’m going to tell you guys a bit more about now.

During our multiple sitsparties, there has been a lot of encounters with KY students, but also with people from other NESU-cities. One of the nicest encounters was when I met with other cities’ ‘tiedottajat’ at Wapputerde. There were quite a few of us there, and why I feel that encounter was so special was that even though we had never even met before, the atmosphere was super good and we even popped a bottle of sparkling wine together. The thing that mattered to me the most was that these people could make me feel so warm and point out the fact that we belong to a bigger community that combines us at the second we meet even though we haven’t met before. I think that’s the greatest thing in NESU – it’s like a big happy family!

I also want to say that for me the most exquisite thing for me this year has been getting to know our NESU-wanhat, older students whom I would’ve never even run into if I weren’t part of this community. Many of them have been on NESU’s board multiple years ago, but they’re still active in this community. I appreciate the fact that I’ve got so many friends throughout different classes in Aalto Biz – I think that it’s such a valuable thing. 

A picture from Wapputerde, organized in May! <3

A picture from Disney100-sitsparty, me with few of our NESU-wanha <3

With love,

Henna Tuikka and NESU-KY ‘23