Chronicles of meeting new NESUits: NESU-Optimi

Greetings from Riversmouth!

The year is ending soon and it has been filled with many meaningful meetings of new and old people. Here are two stories of those meetings: 

The story behind this friendship started at the Itä-Suomen rundi. We met at the rundibus and bonded really well at Mikkeli’s sitz. After the ”On hienoa tulla Mikkeliin sitseille ja hommiin”-sitz we walked together to the afterparty (which I was supposed to skip :D) but since the time flew by really fast, I realized that the clock was almost 3 am. and our conversation was still continuing. 

After the unforgottable rundi we have stayed closely in touch and sitzed several times together, without forgetting two Conferences. Sami has become a really close friend to me and I am happy to call him my NESU-besu and a dear friend now <3 

          ”Kun mä kuolen NESUbesuni sä saat

          Kun mä kuolen NESUbesuni sä saat

          Se on parast sitsiseuraa eikä unoheta semmaa

          Kun mä kuolen NESUbesuni sä saat”

-Polina Korte, NESUit form Joensuu

Meaningful encounter: 

One of the meaningful encounters for me this past year happened in two parts. For the first part we have to go back to the first night of summer möksä. It was ten a clock in the evening and almost every participant of kesämöksä had arrived already. Only a couple remained and I was set to go and pick one of them up from the train station. Then, I heard a story of a man arriving from the other side of Finland. A hero, driving to the möksä precisely at the same time as the participant coming by train and he promised to pick them up! I learned that the name of this fine gentleman was Tuomas, but unfortunately we didn’t get to chat too much that weekend. 

Fast forward a month, in Jyväskylä at NESU-JKL’s Nesumpialaiset, we held a checkpoint together with Tuomas, Sami and Emilia. Even though it was THE rainiest day I have experienced to this day, we had a blast and got a chance to chat and get to know each other better there! 

Here is a picture of us at the checkpoint:

– Tuukka Utriainen, NESUit from Joensuu

To take a quick recap on our year, we have arranged amazing sitz parties. 80’s aerobic sitz were a huge hit, people had dressed up for the theme and everyone had an amazing time. It was the first sitz we arranged as a new NESU-Optimi team and it was a great start for the year. We held Spa-sitz which were a great success too. There were a great number of us taking part in the Wappurundi which made it such a fun adventure. NESU summer cottage was a challenge for us but luckily everything went well and we succeed as a team.

Autumn has been quieter time for the NESU sits on our behalf. We had our annual Mäyräsitsit for the new students and we gave them a good education in sitzing.  We had a record number of us repsenting NESU-Optimi in the Autumn Conference! However, we have been sitzing in many cities throughout the year and you can still see some us at the last sitz parties of the year. 

Sincerely, NESU-Optimi ’23