Chronicles of meeting new NESUits: NESU-Porky

Greetings from Pori!

It’s December and the year is coming to an end. We are very satisfied with the year that NESU-PorKy has had as a whole and are very thankful to all the participants we have had the pleasure of hosting at our sitz parties. This blog was about meeting new NESUits during the year and here are a few of our many meaningful encounters:

I had spent the year 2022 as a member of the board of NESU-PorKy and had somehow managed to miss all the major NESU events of the year. As we came into the year 2023 the prospect of trying to find new friendships from NESU felt a bit daunting as I didn’t really know anyone outside of Pori. Our board went to the weekend long event of NESU-Dagenit held in Jyväskylä in January. I Personally didn’t know what to really expect out of it since I hadn’t really experienced any NESU events other than sitz parties in my own city. I soon realised that the nervousness of meeting all these new people was completely unwarranted as I was greeted with one of the most welcoming and open communities I’d ever seen. The whole weekend really solidified in my mind that this organization has a lot to offer, and I was going to experience every part of it. After that every person I met throughout the year turned out to be as warm and welcoming as the next and finding a place amongst these wonderful people has been a real joyride.

The first encounters at Dagenit were really meaningful in a way that without them I probably wouldn’t have been as active in NESU the past year as I have been and missed a lot of great experiences.

Niko Tanttu, 3 rd year student from NESU-PorKy

This October I had a fun experience at NESU-PorKy Hard Rock Halloween sitz-party, when I had my third sitz-party as a freshman at PorKy and got to sit at the same table next to my sister. My sister is a former member of NESU-PorKy and has a lot of experience of NESU sitz-parties. It was fun to finally share a common NESU-experience after hearing many fun stories about past NESU-events. It was also fun to finally attend a student event together with my sister, who has been in university longer than I have and I’m looking forward to sharing more events with her, perhaps in NESU-events.

Vili Liukkonen 1 st year student from NESU-PorKy

Our year:
Our year has been exciting, and we have had a lot to do. At the beginning of the year, we made a trip to Tampere to watch the annual ice hockey tournament between Pörssi, Boomi and TuKY. We also went to NESU-Boomi’s Torimöyhö sitz party after the tournament. We hosted many successful sitz parties during the year and in march, we broke our records in the amount of “ulkkarit” we had. we are so thankful for all the 42 students from other cities that graced our event with their presence. Many of our students have represented us at other cities in the sitz parties and we can be proud of them. Pori’s reputation has spread across the country, and we have seen a steady increase in our participation in other cities sitz parties. Our members have participated in many NESU events during the year in for
example the 2023 Autumn conference held in Tampere. And a couple of NESU-PorKys students were even at the excursion in Iceland. The trip was in September and the accounts from the participating students of PorKy have been nothing but positive.

What next?
A new NESU-Porky board has not yet been selected, but Laura Vanhalukkarla was elected as the chairman at the autumn meeting of PorKy. Laura was our vice chairman this year, so we have great confidence in the organisation’s events for the upcoming year.

We are hoping that the next board will include many enthusiastic first-year students, but also a few older ones, like our communications director, who came into the organization as a Master’s student and still became active in our organization. Good luck to the incoming board!

With love,