Chronicles of meeting new NESUits: NESU-Preemio

Greetings from Kuopio! 

As this blog series is stories about meeting new people, I decided to tell a story about “How I met my girlfriend (again),” in short HIMMGA “:D” 

“During my freshman fall in the year 2021, I had the opportunity to go participate Optimi’s annual ball. During my visit there, I met a lovely girl while waiting for a drink at the bar. I ended up spending the evening with her at the bar, dancing and talking about stuff. The next day, I woke up and noticed that I had overslept and missed the Sillis bus. I also did not share my number or snap with the girl I met the night before. Thank god she got my number from our mutual friend, and we met again and spent the night together partying once again. 

When I went back to Kuopio after the weekend, I kept thinking about her and we kept texting each other. A couple weeks after the annual ball, NESU-Preemio arranged a sitz excursion to Joensuu. I immediately signed up for it, and asked Kerttu if she was coming there as well. By the way, the sitz was my first NESU sitz. I went there and enjoyed my time, but unfortunately me and Kerttu were placed on the opposite sides of the room, so we didn’t really see each other during the sitz. Also, one of my friends had a tad too much alcohol, so I had to babysit him outside the sitzplace from second period onwards.

This was a blessing in disguise: as the sitz ended at around 11 pm, and our bus back to Kuopio left at 2 am, we had to find a place where we could carry our fallen friend. I asked Kerttu if we could take my friend to her apartment, and she agreed, so me and my friends carried (literally) my drunken friend there. When our bus was leaving, Kerttu escorted us to the bus. Since I am a gentleman, I lent my Preemio scarf to her and “mistakenly” forgot to take it back from her. I had no choice but to go back to Joensuu the next week to retrieve the scarf… We have been together almost since then. We also have attended many NESU events together, such as NESU Dagen –23, Wappurundi –22 and NESU Excursion –23, and I’m certain that these will not be my last NESU adventures with her” 

Olli, 4th year student 

Our year has flown past as fast as the average NESUit enjoys their shot of Jaloviina, and I have to say that I have enjoyed every last bit of it. This year we organized two NESU sitz, one during the spring and one during the fall. Both were great successes and people enjoyed their stay. Overall, we organized six Sitz parties this year. 

I started my NESU year at NESU Dagen in Jyväskylä and I also ended it there at their last sitz. Between these two events, I took part in the Wappurundi, Kesämöksä and Excu. It is safe to say that I have enjoyed my part of NESU events this year. But I have not been alone from Preemio: we have managed to get quite many Häirikkös to participate NESU sitz during this year. In 2022 Wappurundi’s bus had only one Häirikkö onboard: me. This year we had six, and also some of us came to the sitz without participating in the Rundi. To me this is a concrete evidence that NESU-Preemio is once again waking up! If the hockey stick shaped exponential growth continues, next year’s Rundibus will have 36 Häirikkös onboard! Ah, would that be glorious… 

Thank you for the year!