Chronicles of meeting new NESUits: NESU-Probba

Greetings from Mikkeli!

As we approach the end of the year, NESU-Probba is in for a change as the 2023 board steps aside, welcoming the incoming NESU-Probba board of 2024. Before we delve into this transition, let’s collectively reflect on the memorable moments that shaped the past year. It’s been a significant period, not only for the board members but also for the broader Probba student community. One highlight of the year was our more active involvement in ulkkarointi. We hope to see a lot of ulkkarointi next year as well! As we hand over the reins to the incoming board, we look forward with enthusiasm to the continuation of the unity, creativity, and engagement that characterized NESU-Probba throughout the previous year. Here’s to the memories we’ve made and the exciting journey that lies ahead!

NESU on ihmisen parasta aikaa.

This year started off with us, the entire board 2023 as well as the old board 2022 with couple of exception, travelling to one of the Probba’s favorite sits cities in Finland: Jyväskylä.

The weekend started off with mix and mingle with other NESU boards and I found myself playing our beloved Pentti game with a couple of girls from Pori. It was truly amazing to share a part of our tight-knit community with others. As the weekend continued, I kept meeting more amazing people, all new faces for me, and even though we ran out of water the second night, the spirit never died.

As the communication coordinator, I knew I was bound to make connections with other communication coordinators, but never would I ever have imagined this group to be so special. With a smile on my face, I can remember the past year as one of the best years of my life, and with certainty tell everyone that being a part of NESU is one of the best experience of your life as a student.

– Milla Immonen, NESU-Probba CC 2023


The year 2023 was quite the ride wasn’t it. I knew that NESU was an organisation with a lot of great, welcoming people but never could’ve imagined the connections we were bound to make. It’s hard to point out any single event, as there was quite a lot of ulkkarointi done this past year. I think the most memorable example of meeting new NESUits was NESU-kesämöksä in the summer. As we didn’t have that much time in the spring term to go to different sits in different cities, it was great to get to go to the Kesämöksä and meet new people, and reconnect with people we already knew.

Another example of NESU connections was going to NESU-Waasa’s sits in the fall, and sharing a ride with our beloved NESU-JKL board members. We had a lot of fun during the ride there (back not so much.. felt sorry for Pinja) and during the sits. It was one of my favourite sits that we’ve had a chance to take part of this year, and I think going with another NESU-city’s board made it that much more memorable.

Additionally, being part of the group of NESU chairmen was an experience I’ll look back to in awe. We had a fun crew, and the chat never got dry. This year was truly something, and never once was it not fun.

– Emma Laaksonen, NESU-Probba President 2023

What a wonderful year has this been. NESU-Probba 2023 says farewell and wishes the new boards best of luck. See you all at next Dagens!

With Love,

NESU-Probba 2023