Chronicles of meeting new NESUits: NESU-TuKY

Hello everyone and greetings from Turku!

This year has been eventful and is nearing the end with a very fast pace. It’s almost unbelievable how short this year feels. Even though it feels like yesterday when 2023 started, I’m sure that everyone has had memories to last for a lifetime, many of those born in the heartwarming events of NESU.

Our board arranged sitz parties almost too many to count. Being part of the ’23 board of NESU-TuKY, I have met many wonderful people and experienced countless moments to remember with warmth. It has been a pleasure to arrange sitz parties where like-minded people get together and have a good time. In addition, it’s almost impossible not to get to know new people when participating in sitz parties. You might meet old friends unexpectedly or connect with someone randomly through for example a mutual friend. All these encapsulates one of the best aspects of NESU, people and in this case, nesuits.

During our Kaverisitsit at Q-Talo, I sat beside two nesuits, both of whom where from the same area I grew up in, Naantali. It was fun to see how just one thing sparked a little conversation between us and it made the evening a little more interesting, as it was quite unexpected to sit beside two people from the same town. On the same sitz, I had the privilege to get to know the chairperson of NESU-Estonia, Teemu. We had a good talk and it was interesting to meet a student studying in another country.

Next, we hear about how the chairperson of NESU-TuKY ’23 feels about this years new acquaintances.

The NESU Summer Cottage ’23 was unforgettable. First we drove to the venue all day and arriver there very late in the evening. But the heartwarming welcome and NESU-spirit made us forget the long day of exhausting driving.

We ended up to a shared space in the cottage to spend the evening with fellow nesuits and the food made on the campfire tasted especially good after a hard day’s work and the driving. A funny encounter happened on the next day after the sitz. We were sitting on the cottage’s outside swing as rain poured down on us. It was fun to discuss with nesuits who had travelled to the cottage from far away and to share experiences in the middle of a summer night. We enjoyed ourselves in the rain longer we intended to.

The best part of sitz parties and NESU-events is that you can’t avoid getting to know new people. Also you can’t never know where they are from or which kinds of situations you end up experiencing.

We thank you, NESU-Optimi, for the summer cottage as it was highly successful this year. It won’t be easily forgotten.

Matilda Mankonen
Board of ’23

The board of ’23 thanks everyone who have taken part into our sitz parties and we hope to see all the current and new nesuits in the near future. Let’s make sure that the year 2024 will be as good as or possibly even better than 2023!

Roope Lindström
Board of ’23