Chronicles of meeting new NESUits: NESU-Waasa

Greetings from sunny Waasa!

Another year has passed, and we have reached the point where it’s time to bid farewell to our ’23 board and allow the new board to take the reins for next year’s activities. Before we share our final greetings for the year, we first want to share two wonderful stories from our active members about what NESU can offer at its best to anyone:

Somehow, as a first-year student, I found myself at the NESU Conference this fall. It was simultaneously the best, most tiring and crazy week of my freshman fall. I met the most amazing people, and now I can safely go to a sitz party at any NESU city and find familiar faces. 

I grew really close to my roommates during the week and still keep in touch with them. During the semma we were known as the TikTok-girlies with our sensational dancing to “Irtokynnet kimaltaa, partavesi tuoksuu, tekoripset räpsähtelevät”. With Monika, Janita and Iiris I felt like at home<3 They made my first proper NESU experience the most exciting and fun!

-Stina Kinnunen, NESUit from Waasa

Not counting a few sitz parties, my autumn with NESU started with a blast from the past. It was NESU-excursion returning after covid and heading straight out towards Iceland, the land of fire and ice. And oh did we get both. From erupting geysers to steaming hot lagoons. From the nastiest food (Hakari-shark, please google at your own responsibility) to the tastiest bread soups. And what would such a trip have been without the people. When looking at the participants I knew some, had seen a few by a glance and rest I had never met before. However, through daily activities and visits everyone would gradually get to know each other. It was an amazing experience joined by NESU-members from 3 different countries and even the old local NESUits making an appearance towards the end.

Along the trip I met amazing new people and to name a few. Irene from Enklaavi shared the mutual existential pain of people not being able to travel at airports. Me and Hannes from Vaasa looking for our “3rd moment” but having to save it for a later time. Nadia from Sweden, who is currently taking care of the return of NESU-Sweden. The trip was an amazing experience and a good example of that you can find new friends in NESU no matter your age, origin of city or even country. I would say the excursion was one of the highlights of my entire year, on par with the autumn semma, but I believe you will hear from that one too!

-Miro Myrttinen, NESUit from Waasa


Those words come to mind first as we look back on our NESU year’s content. As we say here in Waasa, we are not just a board; we have grown into a small NESU family. Trips have been made to both Estonia and Levi, sitz parties have been attended all around Finland, and an amazing atmosphere has been maintained throughout the year here in Waasa. We have successfully organized seven sitz parties during the year, each being its own success story. Our super-active members have always ensured that the mood is sky-high. Our fantastic vibe has also spread to other NESU cities, and it has been wonderful to see an increased number of guests from other NESU cities at our sitz parties.

Our goal at the beginning of the year was to boldly try new concepts with our sitz parties and actively listen to the wishes of our members. We are truly grateful to our members who have given us a lot of positive feedback. This has helped us move the activities forward in the right direction. It is easy to say that NESU-Waasa is doing great, and the NESU spirit is practically palpable here. However, now it is our time to step out of the spotlight and let our new, fantastic, and enthusiastic board take charge of next year’s activities. Fortunately, after such a successful and memorable year, we can step behind the scenes with a cheerful mind and watch what the next year brings. The bar has been set high <3

With love,

NESU-Waasa ’23