Greetings from the retiring Ms. President, Mette Hyytiäinen!

Whoa 2023 was certainly one of the years for the history books! New nesuits, new event concepts, new iconic flaming bus stories AND A NEW COUNTRY. Little birds might have already told you the great news: NESU Union has once again expanded to its motherland, Sweden. The first NESU Sweden events of 21st century are being organized as we speak. I’m getting goosebumps! 

But what led us to this point? Was it the NESU Excursion to Iceland that sparked the flame? The nice heat of the geothermal spa in Reykjavik perhaps? Or did the Swedes hear about Pori and Joensuu organizing their first ever NESU Conferences? How about did they finally find out that half of the Finnish sitz songs are in Swedish? 

Let me give you 2023 NESU Wrapped, that might give you the answers. 

NESU Wrapped 2023

Best movie: Excursion to Iceland
Best scene of the winning movie: Nordic evening sitz party in Reykjavik
Best song: Hostel B47 (Bi fjörutíu og sjó)
Best concert: Retropop performing at the afterparty of the NESU Conference gala
Most iconic moment: Icelander doing an extempore surprise proggis at the sitz party in Iceland (see picture below)
The totem animal of the year: A cat (you can contact NESU Jyväskylä for pictures)
Best food: A wiener mug (blame NESU Boomi)
The best game: Reykjavik Extravaganza
The best deal in relation to price and quality: Free beer in Iceland!!!
The most sophisticated cocktails: Jallu sour milk and dill vodka
Most warmest moment: Probably the NESU summer cabin, I don’t know, I was at Kotka sea days
Most coldest moment: Surely every moment in Iceland

All in all, the theme of the NESU year 2023 was: Scandinavia Dreamin’


Ups, many of the ”bests” were related to the NESU Excursion to Iceland. What can I say, it was my highlight in 2023. The year also contained a lot of goofy sitz parties, interesting company cases, new friends from Norway, Sweden and Iceland, a successful truck spotting event, accordions the size of a TV, ladies in green, saken and samling. It is a shame that we just finished the histography for NESU missing all this information… Better save the memories and start rewriting history!

With tears in my eyes, I passed the president’s tailcoat to the new president Janita Pirhonen. My tears were tears of joy. New year brings new mayhem, new excursion, and newly born NESU Sweden for every nesuit to enjoy! Can’t wait!

Tack så mycket för år 2023!

<3: Mette