Hello NESU-organizations!

It is time to introduce the new board of NESU-Boomi to you! This year we have one member more than in previous years, because we are organizing the summer cottage and we have our 15th birthday party as well, so we have a project coordinator as a new task.

Now we would like to introduce the members of NESU-Boomi ‘20:

Petra Käki, the chairperson:

I’m Petra, a second-year student and chairman of the board this year. Some people consider me already as an oldie (I’m shocked too), but really I’m just a 20-year-old and living my best life!

I fell in love with NESU already as a freshman. First, I thought that sitz-parties were very weird concept, but I’m glad I kept going. Soon I applied for communications coordinator in NESU-Boomi and the organizing team of NESU Autumn Conference 2019. I was also part of the event team in Boomi, so it was a quite a busy but yet hella good year!

My hobby is to sitz a lot and you can easily find me in all different sitz-parties and NESU-events around Finland and Estonia. I love NESU due to the lovely people, so I’m always happy to meet new ones. I’m very excited about this year and I hope to see many of you guys also in Tampere!

Veera Bogdanoff, the project coordinator:

My name is Veera and I’m a second-year student in Tampere. I originally come from Espoo. This year, I’m the project coordinator of NESU-Boomi. Project coordinator is a special role in 2020 as I am responsible of arranging NESU kesämöksä and NESU-Boomi’s 15th year celebration.

My interest towards NESU developed during my first year of studies and suddenly I found myself taking care of corporate relations of NESU-Boomi as a member of board ‘19. I was also in the organizing team of NESU Autumn Conference 2019. I learnt many valuable negotiating, organizing and cooperation skills. On the less serious side, I took part in great sitz parties and got to meet amazing people. I definitely have not gotten enough of NESU and I am excited about all the experiences still ahead of me!

Emmi Hautakangas, the public communicator:

Hello NESU-people! My name is Emmi, I’m a 20-year-old freshman from Tampere. Originally, I’m from Haapajärvi, which is a really small village in Northern Ostrobothnia. I ended up studying economics in Tampere by accident, because I didn’t really know what else I wanted to do, but it has been the best accident that has happened to me!

My job in NESU-Boomi is to handle the public communications. NESU has been one of the greatest things I learned about after starting University. The sits-parties and NESU-people are great and I’m excited for this year in NESU-Boomi! See you all in the future sits-parties!

Juha Räsänen, the financial manager:

Hello everybody! I’m Juha, a 21 years old student whose origins are in a small village called Kiuruvesi which is deep in the Northern Savonian woods. I decided to come to Tampere because here was the school I wanted to go to and all in all I needed new directions in my life. Now I’m a second year student and my major is accounting. In my freshman year I really liked sits-partys and as a person who likes to organise all kinds of stuff I made the call to apply to Nesu-Boomi in my second year. So far I have really enjoyed my time in Nesu and I’m looking forward to all the sits-partys and adventures ahead!

Ilari Salmi, the person in charge of sits-parties:

Hi NESU people!

My name is Ilari and I am the person responsible for sitsi party. Intresting facts about me:

1. I am from Kerava, best city in Finland <3. Please visit garlic festival in Kerava, it is great! It is bigges garlic festival in the world.

2. My favorite country so far is Italy.

3. I love to take naps.

4. I am part of Nesu organization because sitsiparty is best time of your life!

Reetta Kiiveri, the secretary and graphic artist:

Hello there! On this side of the device is Reetta, responsible for NESU-Boomi’s graphics this year. I moved to Tampere last autumn from Imatra near the Eastern border of Finland. I’m extremely funny if you ask only me. Top three TV series are Glee, Friends and Gossip Girl. My music taste is mainly Finnish pop. I am early with everything but with this introduction. NESU was introduced to me so well that I knew quite early on that I wanted to be a part of this incredible community. It looked fun then and it is fun now. I hope to make this year great on my behalf.

Riina Pesälä, the corporate relations manager:

Im 21-year-old freshman from Tampere University and currently managing corporate relations in NESU-Boomi. I also have posessed a role of a granny in our board (don’t ask me why). I moved to Tampere from Kempele last summer and Tampere has already become my second home, thanks to NESU. I wanted to participate the board of NESU-Boomi because of the amazing people who I get to be with and to get some experience of managing corporate relations. We put a lot of effort to our events and I highly recommend everyone to join them! Why? Because NESU is the best time of our lives.

The new board has already arranged one sits-party and it was a success! You are all welcome to participate to the rest of our sits-parties this year!