Greetings from Oulu! It’s been a month since we returned to university for a whole new semester and a lot has happened since. We had 170 freshmen this year and already on their third day of university we organized a rehearsal sitsiparty, where we taught them the basic principles of sitsiparties. There were almost 200 participants but we made it! The party was great and new freshmen seemed very exited and obviously they were, because freshmen sitsiparty, which we organized the next Saturday, was sold out. We received delightful feedback and all in all the freshmen week was a huge success and we had so much fun!

Our next mission is the Harness Racing Spectacle, which was organized for the very first time a year ago. The event is all about getting to know the whole tote betting and harness racing sport. Harness racing spectacle is happening on the 18th of October and we are looking forward to it. The registration for it begins in two weeks on Monday the 15th. Many of us have never been to harness racing events so this is a great opportunity to get to know the sport and spend some quality time together at the same time!

Our next sitsiparty is also getting closer every day. Yay! But on Friday the 16th of November is our NESU-board’s last NESU -sitsiparty. We are excited but wistful. Let’s hope many of you would like to come to Oulu then! I guarantee the theme will be awesome so you better not miss it! We will also organize the traditional and suspenseful Crash Team Racing cup in November in our guild room. And to spice up the dark and cold autumn evenings there is NESU-Finanssi’s Wine tasting. The date has not been decided yet but we are looking forward to it too!

The new freshmen are real NESU-enthusiasts and it seems you will be meeting them around Finland (and in Iceland!) a lot!

Wishing you a cozy autumn and hoping to see many of you in Oulu soon,

NESU-Finanssi 2018