Greetings from Joensuu! NESU-Optimi didn’t even rest in the summer. We participated in the summer cottage, which was hosted by NESU-Waasa. Thank you for a successful and well-organized weekend! Even though we did not rest in summer, we have been thrilled to have our new students here in Eastern Finland.

Since our semester started in autumn, we have travelled all around Finland (and of course Tallinn) seeking for sits parties. We are extremely happy to have a lot of new active freshmen (our mäyräs <3) that are excited about NESU. In fact, we had the biggest representative of all NESU-organizations in NESU-Probba’s B*tch I’m Famous –sits last month. This is something we are very proud of.

Not to praise too much, we are happy to say that first time in years we have three NESU-Optimi’s members participating in the NESU Autumn Conference in Iceland! We are all first-timers, so it is something we are extra excited about! Our greatest mission is to be one of the biggest organizations participating in NESU Conference in the future.

This year’s last sits party will be held on the 7th of November, just after NESU Autumn Conference. We really hope that we will see a lot of you nesuits here in Joensuu, regardless of the last weeks Conference. The atmosphere will be hairy, you don’t want to miss this event.

We hope to see you soon here in Joensuu!


NESU-Optimi ’18