Greetings from NESU-Preemio

At NESU-Preemio we started the beginning of the year at high speed with our new board by attending Nesu Dagen in Pori and hosting our own After ski -sits in Kuopio. Those events were great start to the year, and we couldn’t have been more excited to make this year the best NESU-Preemio has ever seen before.

Due the pandemic situation around the world, NESU-Preemio’s spring has been quite quiet. However, if something is for sure, it’s the fact that in the autumn we will make up all the sits we had to cancel ourselves and the ones we couldn’t take part in. NESU-Preemio is also turning 10 years this year so we hope that we get an opportunity to celebrate that in the autumn. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that!

Even if there’s not that much to tell about our latest news, we can introduce you the new NESU-Preemio board that was selected at the beginning of this year. To make this introduction more visual, there’s a picture of us dressed in our best at the Preemio’s 19th Annual Ball.

From left to right there’s our social media master Robert; our NESU-Preemio’s chair(wo)man Saara (aka Bosslady); competent in everything, our handyman Hermanni; our PR-officer Janita and the one taking care of our corporate relations, Henri.

Let’s all stay healthy and hopefully get together soon even more excited that before 😉