Hákarl, Skål, and the Bus is on Fire! / NESU Finland’s Autumn Adventures

First group picture of us – NESU Summer cottage 2023 in Joensuu

Baby steps

Our autumn kicked off with enthusiasm as we delved into understanding our roles as NESU Finland board members and strategizing for the upcoming year. Achieving a shared vision for our projects, everyone began working diligently in their designated roles. Although we faced a minor setback with the cancellation of the anticipated Eastern Finland tour due to scheduling conflicts, fear not— we have something extraordinary in store for next year!

NESU Excursion to Iceland

In early September, we embarked on the NESU Excursion to Iceland, joined by 60 NESUits from Finland, Sweden, Estonia, and Norway. After a significant hiatus, the excursion proved to be a resounding success. We immersed ourselves in Iceland’s breathtaking nature, culture, and made connections with new faces. A standout experience was bonding with local Business students and hosting a sitz party with them in Reykjavik. Most of us even dared to sample Hákarl, the national dish—a fermented shark served with Icelandic schnapps, Brennivín. Wrapping up Excu, we unwound in the geothermal pools of Sky Lagoon. A heartfelt thank you to the Excu team for orchestrating such a memorable trip!

NESU Autumn Conference 2023

After a relaxed conference week, it was time to dress up nicely and enjoy the gala. – NESU Autumn Conference 2023 in Tampere

We also made an appearance in the bi-annual NESU-Conference hosted in Tampere. The week was a delight despite some setbacks such as the winter wonderland and fire hazards. We got to work on high quality cases, catch up with old and new friends, enjoy evening activities such as ice hockey and of course end the week in a glorious gala. A large thank you for the organizing team for taking such good care of all the participants and providing us with such extraordinary week!

Have you seen us?

In Finland, we have 40-50 different NESU Sitz parties annually. This autumn, we’ve managed to attend 13 of those sitz parties, with a few more slated before the year concludes. One unforgettable highlight was the NESU Excursion Sitz in Reykjavik, where we were introduced to our newfound favorite song, “VD-sången.” Our attempt at a reprisal during NESU-Boom’s Barbie sitz may not have sounded as great as it did in our heads. Overall, the activity level has been remarkable.

New year, new boards

Currently, approximately half of the NESU organizations in Finland have selected new boards, with the remainder soon to follow suit. As the year transitions, the traditional weekend-long NESU Dagen, hosted by NESU-Finanssi in mid-January, awaits. The event is open to everyone eager to delve deeper into how NESU operates. Over the weekend, workshops covering various themes, including communications, graphic design/marketing, corporate relations, and handling harassment cases, will be conducted. Post-workshops, we’re in for a treat with an extended sitz party featuring at least four periods.

This autumn has been a rich tapestry of diverse experiences, learning, and a strong sense of community. Let’s continue this journey together towards a future illuminated with NESU!

Samling, Skit, Skål!

NESU Finland